Brent and Suzie

Monday 30 October 2017

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October 30, 2017

About 2 years ago we were looking to purchase an investment property . We were looking around the South Ripley area and had been to a few of the new housing developments.

We were initially looking through the display homes of the higher profile building companies at Providence. We were very keen to find something that was already built or to get a house under construction as soon as possible. It soon became obvious that neither was going to happen in the time frame we had in mind.

As we drove around the estate we came across a house that had just been started with a “Desire Homes” sign out the front. We rang the contact number and organised to meet Joel at the house.

We were initially impressed with how down to earth he was as he went through the design of the house he was building. It was very close to the type of house we were looking for and even though he had already started the house he was more than happy to look at a couple of changes that we wanted. Very soon we had agreed on the final spec and price. It was clear from the outset that quality and workmanship were very important to him and that gave us a lot of comfort through the build. This also applied to the fittings and fixtures that he was using in the house.

It was getting close to the xmas break and we wanted to be in the house before the holidays started. It was a very tight schedule. Joel worked extremely hard with his suppliers to ensure the house was completed on time. Nothing was too hard for Joel and Fiona and the experience of working with them to get the project completed on time was enjoyable.

Almost 2 years on now and we could not be happier with our investment and we have not had any need to have Joel return to fix any issues.

If I was to look at building another house in the future “Desire Homes” would be the first call I make.